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Welcome to King Poetry

Here you will find the deeper more intricate Mind Matter of King Kalenga. Deep rooted expressions that find their own rhythm based upon the soul of the individual reading. Take these words as symbols used to define a moment in thought... 


Lips, taste... Kiss.

Body, hips... Gifts.

Love, slow... Bliss.

Her, I... This...


Goddess and I

She would entice me with her walk.

Entrance me with her gaze.

Her every motion defined elegance as her body curved into the breeze..

She would stand regal, strong, seductive.

I in turn would desire only to please her; to be devoted to her.

I would create for her a pedestal, and with that a throne upon which to rest.

I would serve my Goddess.

In turn she would serve me the sweet taste of love.

She would guide me to my reason.

I would lead her to our glory... 


Hella Late Lovin Hour